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Compliance and Quality

Highest standard of quality and safety

Rude Oil produces a very high quality, repeatable, e-liquid product. Our e-liquids are made in ISO 7 certified clean rooms, to ensure a controlled environment throughout the formulation, blending and bottling process.

Our manufacturing components (diluents, flavours and nicotine) are sourced in the UK, from audited suppliers. We only use Vape or Food grade flavours, US/EU pharmaceutical grade diluents and nicotine and have developed a product specific titration technique to confirm that the nicotine content in our products is extremely accurate. This is supported by a four-stage analytical process, which means we maintain a very high quality standard in all our products.

We run BSI accredited 9001/2008 and 14001/2015 management systems. 

Downloadable Test Results PDF links to - Kerosene Kandy 6mg - Dirty Diesel 6mg - Coil Grease 2mg

Product Specific ECID Numbers:

Product Range SKU ECID Notified 
Kerosene Kandy  Slick ROSKK-10-0 00026-16-00877 28/10/2016
50/50 ROSKK-10-2 00026-16-00783 22/10/2016
50/50 ROSKK-10-6 00026-16-00784 22/10/2016
ROSKK-10-12 00026-16-00785 22/10/2016
ROSKK-10-18 00026-16-00786 22/10/2016
Dirty Diesel Slick ROSDD-10-0 00026-16-00880 28/10/2016
50/50 ROSDD-10-2 00026-16-00808 25/10/2016
ROSDD-10-6 00026-16-00809 25/10/2016
ROSDD-10-12 00026-16-00810 25/10/2016
ROSDD-10-18 00026-16-00811 25/10/2016
Coil Grease Slick ROSCG-10-0 00026-16-00881 28/10/2016
50/50 ROSCG-10-2 00026-16-00789 22/10/2016
ROSCG-10-6 00026-16-00790 22/10/2016
ROSCG-10-12 00026-16-00791 22/10/2016
ROSCG-10-18 00026-16-00792 22/10/2016
Kerosene Kandy Hip Drip ROHDKK-10-0 00026-16-00878 28/10/2016
20/80 ROHDKK-10-2 00026-16-00787 22/10/2016
ROHDKK-10-6 00026-16-00788 22/10/2016
Dirty Diesel Hip Drip ROHDDD-10-0 00026-16-00879 25/10/2016
20/80 ROHDDD-10-2 00026-16-00803 25/10/2016
ROHDDD-10-6 00026-16-00804 25/10/2016
Coil Grease Hip Drip ROHDCG-10-0 00026-16-00882 28/10/2016
20/80 ROHDCG-10-2 00026-16-00793 22/10/2016
ROHDCG-10-6 00026-16-00794 22/10/2016